Hoffman MM, Birney E. 2010. An effective model for natural selection in promoters. Genome Res. 20(5):685-692.


Sunflower has several prerequisites, but most of them are shared with the Genomedata package. You can use the interactive Genomedata install script to install Genomedata and its prerequisites, and set up your environment properly to use them. Just type these two commands on your UNIX system:


After logging out and logging in again, you can easily install Sunflower with this command:

easy_install sunflower

Source code

Version 1.1.0


The application's documentation is available in two formats:


There is a moderated sunflower-announce mailing list that you can subscribe to for information on new releases of Sunflower.

There is also a sunflower-users mailing list for general discussion and questions about the use of Sunflower.

For other support with Sunflower, or to provide feedback, please e-mail Michael.

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